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The Bahamas

The Bahamas

The name "Bahamas" comes from the Spanish baja mar meaning shallow sea, and is one of the most geographically complicated nations of the Atlantic. It's a coral-based archipelago comprising more than 700 islands. The Bahamas has a rich history and colorful culture unlike anywhere else in the world. It's lovely capital, Nassau, is known for its beaches and coral reefs, destinations for diving and snorkeling. It retains many of its characteristic pastel-colored British colonial buildings.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau - an attractive harbour, a colourful blend of old world and colonial architecture, and a busy port, is the capital and largest city of The Bahamas. The tropical climate and natural beauty of the Bahamas have made the city a popular tourist destination. Nassau is considered a historical stronghold of pirates.

Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is a cruise, cargo and naval port in Brevard County, Florida, United States. It is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world with 3.9 million cruise passengers passing through during 2014. As a deep water cargo port, it has a high volume of traffic. Over 3,000,000 short tons (2,700,000 t) of bulk cargo moves through each year. Common cargo includes cement, petroleum and aggregate. The port has conveyors and hoppers for loading products directly into trucks, and facilities for bulk cargo containers. The channel is about 44 feet (13 m) deep. The port exports fresh citrus; bulk frozen citrus juice stored in one of the largest freezer warehouses in the state; cement and building materials. Ten ships, on average, enter the port each day.

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